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Paysage et patrimoine

14. At Garden School. Training mobilities in the gardens of Europe

As part of the "Garden Without Borders" project, trainers build "peer-to-peer" training. They develop approaches to establish and validate in the classes the progressive acquisition of key and transversal skills, in the cultural field of the garden, through educational and cultural actions of quality, valuing the learner.

They shared these approaches within their team through peer training, exchange, comparative practice, collaboration with common pedagogical products (teaching sheets). Thanks to the European dimension of the Erasmus + project, these trainings take place within the framework of learning mobilities in the gardens of Funchal in Portugal in February 2018, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France in June 2018, in Granada, Spain , in October 2018 and in Padova, Italy, in May 2019.