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51. Garden Without Borders : A School for Developing Key Competences in Europe

  • 04. Partners
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  • 05. Transnational meetings
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  • 14. At Garden School. Training mobilities in the gardens of Europe

    As part of the "Garden Without Borders" project, trainers build "peer-to-peer" training. They develop approaches to establish and validate in the classes the progressive acquisition of key and transversal skills, in the cultural field of the garden, through educational and cultural actions of quality, valuing the learner.

    They shared these approaches within their team through peer training, exchange, comparative practice, collaboration with common pedagogical products (teaching sheets). Thanks to the European dimension of the Erasmus + project, these trainings take place within the framework of learning mobilities in the gardens of Funchal in Portugal in February 2018, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France in June 2018, in Granada, Spain , in October 2018 and in Padova, Italy, in May 2019.

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  • 15. At Garden School. Words of trainers on their "peer-to-peer" training

    As part of the project "Garden Without Borders", the trainers build "peer-to-peer" trainings, within the framework of learning mobility, training and teaching in gardens - in Funchal, Portugal, in February 2018, - in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France in June 2018, - in Granada, Spain, in October 2018 - in Padova, Italy, in May 2019.

    The trainers speak here about their efforts to acquire the professional skills needed to develop the key skills of their learners. They talk about the cultural field of the garden considered here as a vector for quality pedagogical and cultural actions, valuing the learner.

    Italian teachers spoke in Italian, other wrote in French.

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  • 16. At Garden School. Learners’ words about their mobility Erasmus +

    As part of the Erasmus + Garden without Borders project. a school to develop key competences in Europe, the team of the University of Granada organized, from 16 to 20 October 2018, in collaboration with the PPSF coordinating association, a unique training for the trainers, but also for the learners who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in transnational mobility as part of their training.

    12 learners accompany their teachers and trainers :
    - 2 young adult learners of the association Acquamarina, Trieste, Italy
    - 10 student learners from Agrupamento de Escolas João de Deus, Faro, Portugal

    Some excerpts from their personal reports.

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  • 17. Pedagogic tools

    The Erasmus + Strategic Partnership "Garden without borders. A school to develop key skills in Europe "has produced this collective pedagogical file of 35 work tracks, from the conception, sharing and sharing of educational practices focused on the use of the fragile garden.
    It is the result of a collaboration between professors of
    - Paysage et patrimoine Association, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France,
    - Acquamarina Association, Trieste, Italy,
    - Botanical Garden of the University of Granada, Spain,
    - Botanical Garden of the University of Padova, Italy,
    - Agrupamento de Escolas João de Deus, Faro, Portugal.

    It is a tool to help teachers manage diverse groups of students with learning difficulties and to use new ways to optimize and improve their pedagogy.

    Each of the online teaching forms involves these key competences which are transversal to the whole book. These skills are the foundation for personal fulfillment, social inclusion, active citizenship and future employment : a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to each context.

    This collective tools presents a series of innovative approaches that contribute to the development of key competences of learners. These approaches encourage transversal approaches built around the same theme : the garden.

    Thanks to the Erasmus + partnership, a "Borderless Garden" has just been created in Europe and throughout the world, through the languages of arts and sciences, mathematics and literature, poetry and landscape, as countless bridges thrown between our countries.

    Aline Rutily, Project Manager and Publishing Coordinator

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  • 19. Small European glossary of the garden
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  • 20. Dissemination

    This section allows us to retrace the calendar of the various disseminations of the project in the different partner countries : local or international publications, to a restricted audience or to the general public, to the press, on the internet, on television, on social networks or when there are specific events.

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