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  • 02. Comenius-Grundtvig Training Course 2014
    "The garden, living monument. Pedagogy heritage gardens in Europe."

    10 April 2024

    The Garden, a living monument. Pedagogy of heritage gardens in Europe" is a concept of trainers training created in 1998 by Aline Rutily, through the courses organized by the Rectorat of Nantes in Ravenna IT. Since then, this concept allowed to build a multilateral Comenius teachers training, from kindergarten to high school, with partners in Italia, Belgium and Spain. This project conducted by the Inspection Académique de Versailles FR resulted in a course coordinated by Aline Rutily since2000, with multiple sessions in the most beautiful gardens in Europe. See the concept of the course.

    2014 Program
    - From 17 to 21 February in Funchal (Madeira Island / Portugal);
    - From 14 to 18 April in Granada (Spain);
    - From 22 to 26 April in Padua / Venice (Italy)
    - From 15 to 19 July in Paris (France)
    - From 2 to 6 September in Versailles (France)
    - From 20 to 24 October in Granada (Spain)

    How to register ? On the website of your national agency.. To apply for grant on line by using tools and platform developed by your agency

    Deadline for application: september 13, 2013

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