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1- The garden , a living monument. Heritage education to the gardens in Europe
Saturday 15 May 2010
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The project The garden , a living monument. Heritage education to the gardens in Europe is a transnational project of cooperation conceived and coordinated by Aline Rutily, teaching advisor for Visual Arts, author and researcher -Laboratory Aesthetics Arts and Sciences University Paris 1 Sorbonne-since 1998. The partners are actually from Belgium, Greece, Italy, Rumania, Spain, Portugal and France.

It is part of the Lifelong educational and training program. The project focuses on the development of educational strategies to learn gardens heritage as early as kindergarten. This project produced :
- trainers training in the European database Comenius / Grundtvig since 2003 ;
- worksheets of the DVD Let’s cultivate our garden written in 2004 published on this website with the authorization of the editor and the authors ; -interactive garden books published online ; - thematic bibliography and sithotèque on European education of landscape and garden.

The project is defined by national and international policies that encourage the establishment and the development of a common cultural ground to fight social inequalities, xenophobia. Read about the conference of Aline Rutily, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris FR


1998. Ravenna IT Birth of the concept of an education to the garden as a “living monument"

In 1998 in Ravenna, a decisive meeting between Aline Rutily, trainer for Visual Arts in Yvelines, Versailles Academy FR, Donatella Mazza, Head of Training Service and University of Ravenna and Yves Hanosset, trainer for the Heritage Association in Roulettes BE, during the European training course “Heritage Education in Europe" organized by the city of Ravenna and coordinated by the Academy of Nantes FR.

A new European training project is submitted by Aline Rutily from her research on an aestethic aprroach to the environment (see “Esthétique et environnement , Nathan publ., Paris 1994), founded by the concept of garden as a “living monument defined by the European charter of Florence IT, 1981.

Again in Ravenna, meeting with Monique Malique, Teaching Advisor in Cahors, who will join the future project. She coordinates partnerships between schools on the topic of garden and landscape educations.

1999-2003 The training project

The training project Comenius 3.1 86991-CP-1-2000-1 Comenius C3.1 “The garden as a living monument. Heritage education to the gardens of Europe" was born in 1999 from this concept, that promoted Madame Jeanne-Marie Principaud, Inspecteur d’ Academie of Yvelines, Head of the National Education Département Services FR ; the project was carried on from 2000 to 2003 by her successor Monsieur Lucien Beatrix, with new partners from Italy, Spain and Belgium. This project produced results :
- the publishing of a three-language DVD that collects a number of teaching and cultural instruments by the University of Louvain BE, the Association Patrimoine à Roulettes BE, the City of Ravenna IT and the Inspection académique des Yvelines FR.
- the European course “The garden as a living monument. Heritage education to the gardens of Europe" (see below)
- an international exhibition, “Gardens of Emotions", held in St Germain-en-Laye in 2001,
- Accompanying measures. The association Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière FR wrote in 2008 the project for disseminating good practice of the partnership The garden living monument. Pedagogy heritage gardens in Europe driven by Aline Rutily since 1998. She coordinated scientific and educational support measures: she wrote all the new measures for disseminate and evaluate the project, with new partners from 7 countries: IT, EL, RO, PT, BE, FR, ES. During 1 year, in 2008, financial management is made by the associations Cittadinanzattiva onlus and Laboratorio del Cittadino IT.

The dissemination of the project "The garden, living monument. Pedagogy of heritage gardens in Europe", is coordinated by the association Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière through:

The website as a vehicle of intercultural dialogue, where all the tools, resources, and activities of the project are online. This website, dedicated to education and training, designed by the association "Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière ", begin the store of the educational resources tested and validated in the schools and in the educational structures.

International events
- 18 January 2008: dissemination of the project to Godinne BE
- 17 February 2008: dissemination of the project in Castiglione del Lago IT
- 5 March 2008:dissemination of the project at Voula GR
- 11 April 2008, dissemination of the IT project in Forio IT
- 21 April 2008 dissemination of the project to Maracena Granada ES
- 9 May 2008 dissemination of the project in Bacau RO
- 17 and 18 September 2008, dissemination of the project in Saint-Germain-en-Laye FR
- 23 October 2008, dissemination of the project in Faro PT
- 30 October 2008, dissemination of the IT project in Ravenna IT
- 18 November 2008, International symposium "New perspectives of intercultural dialogue in Europe", Georges Pompidou Center, Paris.FR

National events in France National events, through conferences and seminars, where the project, its tools, its website were presented to the public for the “European year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008".

- 10 January 2008 release of the project at Chatenay Malabry FR
- 6 -8 October 2008 :dissemination of the project in Maracena ES
- 15 October 2008, release of the project to Bordeaux FR

Local actions See all local releases.

Since 2003 Offer of international training

Processes and methods were proposed as training opportunities by Aline Rutily, who designed and compiled them for their inclusion in the European catalogue of training. These training courses, held in Perugia IT, Bruxelles BE, Sevres FR, San Quirico IT, Granada SP, Florence IT, Chaumont sur Loire FR, Versailles FR, Menton FR, Faro PT, Funchal PT, Ponta Delgada PT, can open the project to new partners, universities, associations, federations, schools and institutes that have taken part in Comenius partnerships. See the list of Comenius School Partnerships..

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