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Life at the King’s Court
Monday 18 August 2008
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With a recent map of the city, look for the Goth district, the name of the most important persons at Theodoric’s Court and put them back in their historical context.


- to develop space and time orientation
- to learn how to search documents
- to develop the capacity to raise problems and to link facts, persons and events


- to find one’s bearings on the city map with a compass
- to use correctly the devices and documents given by the teacher
- to situate, while completing a sheet, the most important persons of the Goth King’s Court and the kind of relation they had with the King


- compass
- ancient and present maps of Ravenna, chronological charts
- grilled-sheet to complete, pencils and sheets of paper
- documentations to consult (small biographies of the persons, textual and iconographic documentation on the studied persons)


- Theodoric’s Park in Ravenna
- Bibliography:

- W. BENDAZZI, “Opuscules on Theodoric and Severin Boece" (“Opuscules sur Théodoric et sur Severin Boèce")
- W. BENDAZZI, “Storia di Ravenna antica raccontata ai ragazzi", Ravenna Zanuccoli 1985
- G. MORINI, “Stradario storico di Ravenna", Ravenna Il Romagnolo 1986


Find one’s bearings in the city (in groups), locate different ancient districts

Outside the Mausoleum, each group is given a compass and must find their bearings from the monument and the city walls using two maps: a recent and a medieval map.

Look for the “Goth District" on the recent map (North-East of Ravenna, near the Mausoleum), where there are many streets bearing the names of persons who lived at Theodoric’s age. Copy out the names.

Complete a “sheet" (in the “Tessellae centre"): this sheet represents Theodoric surrounded with the people the children must find the name and role. Give indications to complete the sheet, put at the pupils’ disposal auxiliary documentation where they can find the kind of relation and biographical elements of the different persons. Share the different works and assess.


Search for:

- other important persons at Theodoric’s Court
- the figure of Severin Boece, the King’s counsellor and philosopher
- Theodoric’s behaviour at the end of his reign
- The Goth King‘s genealogic tree


Capacity for the pupil:

- to use a map and a compass
- to analyse and interpret historical documents

Anna Bolognesi Professeur d’Italien et d’Histoire. Ravenna, Italie.

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