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A dialogue between the garden and the architecture around it.
Saturday 6 December 2008
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To observe what is around a public garden.To design an architecture that fits the garden.


- To observe and analyse an environment
- To master technical data
- To appeal to imagination
- To present one’s production.


- A notebook
- Sheets of drawing paper
- Watercolour
- Crayons


Outdoor observation. Indoor plastic realisation.

Ask each student

- to stand outside a public garden
- to walk around its area and note both elements of its fence and its urban architectural environment

They select a space outside the garden as well as the type of architecture they would like to set up there.

They make up a project, starting out from the idea that the architecture must point to the garden.


A study, throughout the history of arts, of the devices used to integrate an architecture in a natural environment

A more thorough study of mimetic architectures

An inventory of the elements of private garden fences


Depending on their age groups, the students will make more intricate the type of architecture to set up near the garden: a water tower, a single-family house… or they will simply integrate one element of urban furniture close to the garden: a city map, a fire hydrant…,


It will measure the student’s awareness that the dialogue between urban architecture and parks or gardens is vital for good town planning

Claire-Hélène Blanquet Lycée Martin V École d’Application U.C.L Option Art Louvain-la-Neuve Belgique

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