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In the kitchen garden : carnival
Sunday 16 November 2008
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To elaborate a costume on the theme of the kitchen garden in order to celebrate Carnival

- To describe, compare and classify the elementary perceptions : tasting and smelling
- To enrich the range of techniques


- To classify elements according to criteria known by the children.
- To choose an efficient fastening system.
- To describe somebody’s costume, to justify one’s opinion.


- Green- and red-coloured vegetables in a basket
- Recipe books
- A knife, a pan, water, salt, an electric hotplate
- A 50 x 70 cm paper sheet and a big felt-tip pen
- Elements of the gardener’s costume: boots, gloves, a wire-netting overall with vegetables hanging from it, a hat made of cabbage leaves, a basket
- An overall cut out of green plastic wire-netting for each child
- Written referents: “the green soup" and “the red soup" and the corresponding removable word-labels, glue tubes
- Various fastening systems: adhesive tape, glue, staples, gardening plastic wire, nylon thread, brass wire, freezing bag ties, paper clips, clothes pegs…
- Rhodoid strips at least as long as the cranial perimeter of the children


Works by
- Giuseppe Arcimboldo
- Marie-Thérèse Herbin
- Sandrine Morsillo….


Before the sequence : Make a soup :

- Bring various vegetables in a basket. Make the children identify and name them. The children’s suggestion : let’s make a soup…
- Get them to put forward hypotheses concerning the soup’s recipe orally. Check them by researching in books. Make the children read each recipe aloud.
- Choose the vegetables for the soup. Classification of the vegetables according to their colour.
- Make two soups : « the green soup » and « the red soup ».
- Dictate the recipe to them.
- Prepare the soup with the children, cook it and taste it.

1) Make costumes on the theme of the kitchen garden

- Work out the project of making costumes
- Arrive dressed up as a gardener. Prompt the children to identify and name the various parts of the gardener’s costume: the overall, the hat, the boots, the gloves, the tools, the basket.

To celebrate Carnival, work out the project of making the « green » and « red vegetables gardener ».

2) Observe artists’ works ;

The works by Marie-Thérèse Herbin, elaborated from large cabbage leaves casting ;Guiseppe Arcimboldo’s painting, built like a plant collage.

Use these works in order to make the costumes

- Elaborated like collages or plant assembling
- Including a –real or paper-made - cabbage leaf.

Prompt the children to define the various phases of the project:

- To go to the market and buy the necessary vegetables
- To sort out and hang the vegetables on the wire-netting support. To experiment various fastening systems and to choose the most efficient. - To make clothes : a hat, clothes made with red or green cabbage leaves, accessories on the theme of the kitchen garden.



To enrich the children’s culture by getting them to discover other artists’ works’ copies on the theme of the kitchen garden : From the observation of the « Pages de cahier » (“Copybook Pages") written and painted by Sandrine Morsillo, make a collection of illustrated texts, recipes, poems, on the theme of the kitchen garden ;

To make plastic productions including vegetables in other forms ( 3-D, drawn, painted, engraved, photographed… )


Elements that are to be taken into account :

- The richness of the technical range
- The project’s relevance, the logic of its various phases as formulated by the children.

Blandine Tissier Alsace Nursery School Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines ) France

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