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In the vegetable garden:« a drawing dictation»
Thursday 27 November 2008
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To elaborate vegetable charts and drawings through the experimentation of charcoal pencils and blacklead.


- To sharpen one’s perception and the keenness of one’s look through observation.
- To use drawings as a means of representation.
- To enrich the technical repertory and take advantage of the observation of artistic works.


- Observing and accounting for through drawings
- Experimenting blacklead and charcoal pencils
- Spotting what makes the difference between, or what is common to one’s works and the work of other artists.


- Vegetables
- Drawing paper
- Charcoal pencils, blacklead pencils


Charcoal and blacklead paintings by Jean Rudel.


Before the session, observe the various types of lines which can be made with charcoal pencils, dry or grease blacklead, rubbers, in the drawings of jean Rudel.

- Make up charts of lines and colours (from the darkest blacks to the palest greys).
- Observe various vegetables laid out side by side on a table.
- Describe their shapes and their colours and textures.
- Make drawings, alternating the viewing angles: frontal, from the top, in close-up, from far, in profile
- Gather and comment on the productions.
- « Dictate » drawings to be carried out on the theme of vegetables according to a precise instruction : with charcoal pencils, or blacklead ones drawing with the right hand or the left hand looking at the paper or without looking at it, without lifting the pencil off the paper (a continuous line only), pressing heavily or not on the lead…


- Carry out scientific sketches of vegetal elements with captions.
- Produce various types of written documents : definitions, scientific, literary, poetical writings…


It will check the pupils’ ability to :

- understand the infinity of possibilities in a chart of shades made with charcoal of blacklead
- involve themselves in the plastic process linked to drawing.


These activities may be transposed to classes of any age.

Les Violettes Primary School Mareil-Marly (Yvelines) France

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