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19-25 February 2018 Funchal, Portugal 1st training mobility of the Erasmus + "Jardin sans frontière" Partnership, a school to develop key competences in Europe.
Tuesday 27 February 2018
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JPEG This first training mobility organized by the Portuguese and French partners takes place in the enchanting setting of Funchal in Portugal.

Training Learning Strategies
After a reminder of the essential elements that define each of the four mobilities of learning and training provided for in the project, the participants present and comment on the pedagogical strategies they propose in relation to the objectives of mobility, articulating scientific activities, artistic, literary and pedagogical, personal and subjective implications and knowledge upgrades.
The target audience for these strategies is the one
- professors enrolled in the next three mobilities, belonging to the 5 partner structures,
- pupils from schools suffering from exclusion or drop-out, whether directly or indirectly related to the project.

Development of a provisional summary of 12 titles of educational sheets.
- 1 Logo of the project. AEJD Faro, Portugal
- 2 Plant identification. AEJD Faro, Portugal
- 3 Small garden literature factory 1. From sensory exploration to verbal vocabulary, PPSF Association, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
- 4 Small factory of illustrated literature of the garden 2: Haikus and centons PPSF Association, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
- 5 Portrait of a plant, Botanical Garden University of Granada
- 6 Written in a garden, in the footsteps of Marguerite Yourcenar. Association Acquamarina, Trieste, Italy
- 7 Cyanotypes. Association Acquamarina, Trieste, Italy
- 8 Appropriate the "Course of the King" in the space and tamps of the gardens of Versailles. PPSF Association, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
- 9 Ethnobotanical Approach to the Garden, AEJD Faro, Portugal
- 10 Market Sensations AEJD Faro, Portugal / PPSF Association, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
- 11 Life in a drop of water. Botanical Garden University of Padova Ialie
- 12 Life in the garden. What do animals eat? PPSF Association, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France


Project logo Among these 12 educational sheets, the team of Agrupamento Joao de Deus presents the activity related to the creation of the project logo by Paula Henriques Pereira, professor of Communication. The partners chose by vote the logo they considered the most representative of the project.


Participants experiment with the proposed teaching tools
- by the association Landscape and heritage without frontiers for the educational sheet Small garden literature factory 1. From sensory exploration to verbal vocabulary
- by the association Acquamarina for the educational form Ecrits dans un jardin


Small factories of literature are organized in the gardens. They give rise to exhibitions of notebooks in the lobby of the Four Views Baia Hotel, Funchal, on 23 and 24 February 2018.


Field visits
Presentations of botanical collections, movements in the area of the island of Madeira have helped to understand the origin of the Madeiran Quintas, properties of the south of the island built in the 18th and 19th centuries by wealthy English or French families , to exploit the land or enjoy an air quality recognized as beneficial for the sick.


These visits led by Luis Camara, curator of the Botanical Garden and Elda sousa, responsible for the nursery of Jardim do Lago in Funchal, make it possible to become aware of the inscription of gardens and Madeiran cultures in their landscape and to address the biodiversity of the ’Isle.

All the participants evaluated very favorably this first training mobility in Funchal which laid the foundations for a collaboration which proved fruitful: we knew how to work together, in good humor, and to make our differences real assets for the project.

Aline Rutily, Project Coordinator, Landscape and Heritage Without Borders Association, Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Paula Henriques Pereira, Professor of Communication, Agrupamento de Escolas João de Deus, Faro, Portugal

Landscape and Heritage Without Borders Association EN
- Aline Rutily, project coordinator, Erasmus + developer, academic trainer of Visual Arts teachers
- Jean-Michel Josse, trainer in Sciences and Life of the Earth
- Naïma Halim-Josse, trainer "Early childhood"

University of Granada / Botanical Garden ES
- Manuel Casares, Director, University Professor
- Jose Tito Rojo, curator, university professor

University of Padova / IT Botanical Garden
- Barbara Baldan, Director, University Professor
- Rossella Marcucci, curator of the Herbarium
- Mariacristina Villani Expert in Systematics and Professor of Universities in Natural Sciences

Association Acquamarina, Trieste, IT
- Annamaria Castellan, president and photography trainer
- Patrizia Rigoni, writer and trainer in writing workshops

Agrupamento de Escolas João de Deus, Faro, Portugal
- Carlos Luis, professor and director of Agrupamento de Escolas João de Deus
- Manuel Faustino, professor of biology
- Dora Luis, early childhood teacher

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