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Blue, the road of the peace in Romania
Tuesday 5 April 2016
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Voronet {JPEG} In Romania, we trace a road between Iasi and northern Moldavia, between the works of the fabulous secular artist Sabin Balasa and those of the anonymous painters of the sacred land of Voronet. These works are joined by the blue color of their same backdrop.

The background is always imagined as blue, whether it is mythological or legendary characters designed by Sabin Balasa on the infinite blue of the Salle des Pas Perdus at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, or historical and biblical characters from the anonymous medieval blue Voronet artist in the monasteries of northern Moldova.

La Salle de Pas Perd­us Iassy {JPEG}
On this historic and legendary road, man wants at the same time to find aprofoundly inner peace and place this feeling on a world scale, a world of peace for all. The road of the Blue becomes therefore, for each, the road of the Peace, where the man is found with the Other, man or God.

peinture Sabin Balas­a {JPEG}

From the first moments of his existence on earth, the man looked up to heaven. Why ?
To this question, one might answer that he wanted to return to his place of origin. Blue, color of the cosmos.
The whole existence of man happens between these two limits, which, it seems, sometimes merge: the earth and the cosmos.

Maison bleue {JPEG}
The earth is the cognoscible universe, the cosmos, the space that gives it meaning and uniqueness. The earth is the home, the profane space; the sky defines the aspiration to perfection, to the sacred space of the cosmos.
The limits of knowledge were, writes Immanuil Kant, "The starry sky above me, the moral law in me …"
Nowadays, more than ever, here and anywhere in the world, man strongly aspires to a space / time of inner peace, where to meet his fellow men and to experience together this essential feeling, these symbols which define the man. Blue is at the same time a desire, a hope and a desire to live in the beauty, the truth and the good that define man. It’s one of the wonders of the world.

Gheorghe Popa, Centre culturel George Apostu, Bacau, Roumanie

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