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Roads of the Blue in Andalusia
Thursday 7 July 2016
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JPEG The roads blue in Andalusia start from Maracena Granada, where the blue dishes embody the traditions of the three Sephardic, Christian and Muslim cultures.

It is a travel through culinary, musical, literary and poetic traditions from the earliest times to today.


From Antiquity, where the blue of the Mediterranean is illustrated in the theater, the philosophy and the Greek poetry, up to contemporary readings of poets of the sea, through the ancestral techniques of the realization of azulejos diffused by the potters abassides:


Azulejos arista or cuenca, at the Museo de artes y costumbres populares, Palacio de Dueñas, Sevilla.

JPEG Blue azulejo of Sevilla,

JPEG Mosaic of the Cuerda Seca dating from Andalusia from the 14th and 15th centuries, at the Alcazar of Sevilla.

JPEG blue añil sevillan,


This indigo blue of the Vega de Triana will then be adopted by Portuguese ceramists.

Maria-Josefa Lopez Montes,
Adult Education Center, Maracena Granada, ES

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