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Bacău-Iasi-Voroneţ, 23-26 November 2017. Sixth Transnational Meeting of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership "Roads of the Blue in Europe"
Thursday 30 November 2017
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Project meetings took place in Bacău, Iași and Voroneț. Its objective was to reunite four project partners: the "Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière" French association, the Pablo Freire Adult Education Center in Maracena, Granada, Spain, and the two new Romanian partners from Bacău: the "Accentul Circumflex" Association and the Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen Technical Communications College.

The objective of these meetings was to find new methods and venues for information transmission, as well as to finalize all the project requirements which remain to be attended to.

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Particular emphasis was placed upon the pedagogical sheets, the idea for which was first presented in Granada in March 2018. The teachers representing the four partner organizations thus stepped in to present to the others what progress had been made in this regard, in each of their countries.
Another important point which was addressed during this reunion was the completion of the "Roads of the Blue in Europe" project book, with the Romanian itinerary being established from Iași to Săpânța and Voroneț.

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It is a piece of this itinerary that the participants were able to experience themselves, through the visit of the Hall of Lost Steps of the University of Iasi whose walls were painted blue Sabin Balasa.

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They were also received at the Voroneț Monastery by abbess Mother Elena, tfor a reading of the superb iconographic program of the frescoes of the building.

Angela Sterpu, President of the "Accentul Circumflex" Association in Bacău, Romania
Angela Ginta, Professor at the Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen Technical Communications College in Bacău, Romania

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