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Ravenna, 03-06 April 2017. Fourth International Meeting of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership "Roads of the Blue in Europe"
Saturday 8 April 2017
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JPEG Thirty foreign and Italian delegates took part in the fourth transnational meeting of the Erasmus + partnership "The paths of the colour blue in Europe: transversality of learning and transculturality of languages" which recently ended in Ravenna.

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Work began on Tuesday, April 4th at Casa Matha, with the welcome speech by Mrs. Ouidad Bakkali, Deputy Mayor of the City of Ravenna, in charge of Education and Child Support, followed the speeches of Valentino Montanari, President of SISAM, International School for the Study of Mosaic and Fresco Arts, Donatella Mazza, former head of the City of Ravenna, Aline Rutily of the Landscape and Heritage Association in Saint-Germain-en-Laye France, Mara Forlin, teacher at the Lugo Provincial Adult Education Center (CPIA) and Milla Lacchini, CPIA school leader. In the second part of the morning, the inauguration of the didactic exhibition organized by the Guido Novello College took place. The school orchestra welcomed the delegation with the Marseillaise and the song "Volare", which were highly applauded. This exhibition was inaugurated in the presence of the headmaster of the College, Mr. Gennaro Zinno, Professor Manuela Giacomin, the principal of the primary school of Lugo, Daniela Geminiani and the two teachers Paola Corbolante and Gabriella Galli. It presents the mosaic work and the frescoes made by the pupils of the 2nd year of the "Gardenghi-Codazzi" primary school of Lugo, by the students of the CPIA, by the 2nd year students of the "Guido Novello" College, as well as by the teachers who attended the SISAM seminar. During the thematic workshops the learners carried out theoretical and practical activities related to graphic arts and painting, creating mosaics and frescoes inspired by the historical and modern works present in the city. This expressive and engaging method of learning has developed skills in mathematics, geometry, history and art history. These educational itineraries were based around the heritage of the city, from the mosaics of the basilicas to the frescoes of Santa Chiara in the National Museum of Ravenna. These pedagogical approaches were presented to the participants as themes of reflection for the innovation of teaching activities and the dissemination of the project. Thanks to this European project, Ravenna, the ancient city whose eight monuments are recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, opens up new possibilities for pedagogy towards different levels of education and different groups of adults, involved in all kinds of project initiatives.

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At the entrance to the College, Aline Rutily coordinated the "Transcultural Carpet of Blue", an activity in which the public was invited to contribute by placing on the ground the 200 "squares of blue" composing the work.

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The main theme of the international seminar is "the color blue in our territory". The delegation was led by trainers Valentino Montanari, Saura Turri, Deborah Gaetta and Paula Noah during visits to the Ravenna and Spinaroni Islands in the Baiona Valley.

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The blue colour has, over time, extraordinarily enriched the fields of history, nature and art.

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For this project, SISAM is sponsored by the municipality of Ravenna and Casa Matha; it receives the collaboration of the "Guido Novello" first-level secondary school, the CPIA- Ravenna-Lugo Provincial Center for Adult Education, and the participation of the "Codazzi-Gardenghi" primary school in Lugo. Many thanks to the Polo Museale of Emilia-Romagna in Ravenna for the free admission of participants to the Museum’s visits.

Valentino Montanari, Donatella Mazza and Deborah Gaetta, SISAM, International School for the Study of Mosaic and Fresco Arts, Ravenna, IT

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