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The roads of the Blue along the River Po. Montecchio, Ravenna, San Quirico d’Orcia
Sunday 20 December 2015
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JPEGThere is a landscape in Italy that foreigners ignore and few Italians know and love. It is the fluvial landscape, which has an aesthetic charm, a fugitive and immanent soul, which moulds the lives of the people who live there.

The river Po, its geography, its myths, its history, its stories, its characters, its representations in art, cinema, literature, gastronomy … will link, in our project, Montecchio to Ravenna.
The intense blue, to the despair of the mosaics of Ravenna, will blend with the thousand shades of the blue of the Po Valley: Parma violets, earthenware, sky frescoed cathedrals and ducal palaces built on its banks, up to the blue of the Adriatic Sea, the true sea of Europe, and the Ligurian Sea, gulf of the poets. In San Quirico d’Orcia, crossing the Apennines and the Lunigiana region, valley of the Moon, we will go to the Via Francigena, ancient road of faith, trade, art, culture, a real road to Europe.

Naire Boniburini, Popular University La Sorgiva, Montecchio Emilia, Italy

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