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Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture
Saturday 11 January 2014
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Located in the Potager du Roi created by Louis XIV in Versailles, the Versailles-Marseille National School of Landscape Architecture is the heir to the garden and greenhouse architecture chair created in 1874 at Versailles Horticultural School (École d’Horticulture de Versailles). Several famous names were involved in the teaching of landscape and garden architecture before the last war: Jean Darcel, Auguste Choisy, Edouard André, René-Edouard André and Ferdinand Duprat. In 1976, the ENSP replaced the Landscape and Garden Art Section (Section du Paysage et de l’Art des Jardins) created at the National Horticulture School (École Nationale d’Horticulture) in 1945, then at the National Higher School of Horticulture (École nationale supérieure d’Horticulture) upon its transfer to Angers in 1996.

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