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RO- "George Apostu" Cultural Center, Bacau
Tuesday 24 September 2013
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JPEG The team of the Cultural Center George Apostu begins preparations for the second meeting of the project work, immediately after returning from Granada. According to the meeting agenda, prepared in detail during the working meeting of November 8 project, it was decided the division of tasks for each participant in the project.

For the same purpose, we contact the responsible representatives of other cultural structures: Folk Ensemble Busuiocul, the Mayor of the village of Gioseni, the Center for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Department of Bacau, and the administrative organizations of the region involved in the management of the meeting.

Then, under the coordination of Mrs. Doina Barbu, we named those responsible for the transfer of european partners between Bacau and two international airports, for the local transportation and tours included in the cultural program, for the accommodation and meals of the meeting.


The official openof the seminar work is planned at the headquarters of the Cultural Centre George Apostu, in the presence of the Mayor of Bacau, Mr. Florin Floroiu, Vice-Chairman of the Department of Bacau, and of many authorities and personalities of the cultural and political life.

Learners Anca Mihaila and Mari Bucur organized, on this occasion, a photo exhibition about the project, made by George Popa, Doina Barbu and Mariana Popa, during the first project meeting in Granada, Spain.

The Centre also organizes field trips to places that meet cultural and tourism objectives of the city and its suburbs : the History Museum, the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, the memorial houses of George Bacovia Memorial and of Nicu Enea, the Precista Church, founded by Etienne the Great in 1492.

The Centre undertakes :
- visits of the monasteries belonging to the UNESCO heritage - Humor, Moldoviţa, Suceviţa, north of Moldova- on the theme The plant in mural painting from the sixteenth - seventeenth centuries,
- a conference at the Museum of painted eggs,
- a workshop The plant in traditional Romanian art that takes place in the village of Gioseni.

For the Spring Salon of Naive Art, the Centre organizes competition- exhibition of Naive Art, in partnership with The Center for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Department of Bacau and in collaboration with the folk group Busuiocul.

The showroom of the Center is the perfect setting for the first installation of Transcultural Vegetal Carpet, a collective work proposal by the artist and coordinator of the European project, Aline Rutily. Mari Bucur, Tamara Lungu, Anca Mihaila and other learners are working to achieve 32 squares of the Carpet.

Many other artistic moments take place at the Centre’s headquarters and, principal, the spectacle of poetry produced and supported by Mr. Popa GeoRges, at the memorial house of George Bacovia Memorial, on the occasion of the World Day of Poetry.

The promotion of this work is done through press releases, in the media, and the whole event was filmed by learners Eugen Grigore, Anca Mihaila and Mari Bucur, as a concept proposed by Gheorghe Popa, director of the Center and coordinator of the European project for the Apostu Centre, especially for all the cultural and organizational activities

Another important area of work: the desk research on the theme that the Centre has chosen to illustrate the European project: the oak. Many learners are engaged in this research: Iulian Bucur, Ioan Mitrea, Stelian Preda, Carmen-Nicoleta Popa, Mari Bucur, Anca Mihăilă, Tamara Lungu, Florin Zăncescu, Petre Vlase, Bernadin Tamaş.

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