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The oak tree from Borzeşti
Saturday 5 July 2014
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One of the most widespread legends is the one of the oak tree from Borzeşti, Bacau county. In his childhood, mostly spent in Borzeşti, Stephen the future great ruler of Moldavia (1457-1504), organized games with children from his village, the most frequent were battles between the two groups, the Moldovans led by the child Stephen and the Tatars led by his friend, Gheorghiţă.

Following such a fight, when Stephen and his friends were victorious, Gheorghiţă, the loser, was "punished" being tied to an oak tree and then hung accidentally on its upper branch.

In the meantime, the Tatars attacked the village, and the children fled horrified, forgetting the little Gheorghiţă hanging on an oak tree branch.The Tatars pierced him with a hundred arrows and spears.

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After more than 30 years , Stephen became the ruler of Moldavia and won a battle against the Tatars. The son of the Tatar khan, Mengli Giray, was taken prisoner by the soldiers of Stephen. The Tatar khan tried in vain to redeem his son from captivity.

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Stephen, with the consent of his captains, decided that the son of the Tatar khan should be hung on the same branch on which the Tatars had hung and killed his friend Gheorghiţă.

Thus Stephen feeling that the old oak tree had fulfilled its mission, ordered to be set on fire, and in the place of this oak tree he built a church between 1493-1494, which can be admired

Prof. Ioan Mitrea

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