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Narcissus in Lunigiana
Friday 11 April 2014
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A strip of land lies between Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Liguria; its name is Lunigiana, a splendid area rich in history and traditions, whose name derives from luna (moon). The medieval Via Francigena passes through this land skirting the Magra River. At every turn you can see traces of an ancient civilization, scattered in this enchanting valley, rich in lush vegetation: the austere profile of innumerable castles, most of which belonged to the aristocratic family of the Malaspina del Ramo Fiorito ( Malaspina means bad thorn so the name itself says a lot about it), ancient walls encircle medieval villages, fortresses, Romanesque churches, Statue-stele, stone idols representing warriors and women with prominent features, standing guard over roads and pastures. They go back to 2000 B.C. and are the mysterious witnesses of this ancient civilization.

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