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Fourth meeting of the Gruntvig (...)

10-12 October 2013 Faro Portugal. 
Fourth meeting of the Gruntvig Partnership project Languages of the Vegetal in Europe.
Monday 11 November 2013
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The high point of the project, this seminar was open at the Joao de Deus Secondary School, where the partners were welcomed by those responsible for the school group, representatives from the Beliaev Centre and the team from the City Hall. Evgueni Beliaev, the manager of the Beliaev Centre, Rosaria Prospero, its Vice President, Professor Carlos Luis, Head Teacher of the Secondary School, Rogério Bacalhau Coelho, Mayor of Faro, Professor Alberto Almeida, Algarve Director of Education, and Aline Rutily, the project coordinator, inaugurated this fourth transnational meeting of the Languages of the Vegetal in Europe partnership.

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Thanks to the welcome extended by the cultural centre, the secondary school and the Faro municipality, the Belgian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian partners have been able to make substantial progress with their engagements in the project for a year, in particular the creation of a shared electronic book, for which they set the schedule.

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The many field trips organised by the Beliaev Centre delighted everyone: aquatic plants observed from a boat going to little ports and neighbouring islands of the Algarve, the floral patterns on the azulejos (ceramic tiles) which cover the walls of the Estoi Palace and Faro old town. .

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The dance show was especially good, enthralling the participants. To celebrate the anniversary of the Algarve Dance Company, founded by Evgueni Beliaev, this performance featured pieces showcasing the work of all his pupils, of all ages, alongside professional dancers from the National Dance Company, Quorum Ballet and Theatre Mikhaloivsky from St Petersburg in Russia. In this show, the theme of the vegetal is shown in a rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, and in Daphne and Apollo, one of the best-known myths in European arts and literature, from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Evgueni Beliaev, Rosaria Porospero et Aline Rutily

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