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Erasmus + Key 1 Mobility Courses 2016-2017. How to become our partner?
Wednesday 16 December 2015
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You are teachers, trainers, managers, consultants, responsible for a team or school or adult education , our Erasmus + training courses are for you !

What sort of Erasmus + action is it? The Key Action 1 Mobility for Vocational Training
- Personal school education
- The education of adults. Before February 2, 2016 candidates apply for a mobility project, with a request to their National Agency for funding, to cover the costs of preparing , monitoring, travel, accommodation, courses… One school or structure can ask for several courses.

Who are we? We are a provider of European training for teachers and for adult trainers since 2002. Learn more about us.

Who can apply for our courses? You can apply if you are members of
- public or private schools under contract of general education , technical and vocational, from kindergarten to high school : teachers, trainers , managers, principals or staff …
- adults education and training staff : trainers, managers structures , educators, facilitators , counsellors, professors .

When apply? Dead line : February 2, 2016

How ?
Online help offered by your National Agency. Your attention : the database European catalog has disappeared , so our course may not have European code. Mobilities are not individual, but for the institution. Each applicant institution must submit a training project. Preparation activities and monitoring should be provided to support training for one year or two years. You can choose several courses in the catalog, depending on your project.

For these courses your organization must submit an application online. First you have to register your organization on the portal of the participating agencies (URF platform) of the European Commission which gives you a code (PIC). You can then download your application.

PIC number of Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière association : 945577438

Personalized assistance on request to Aline Rutily
She is responsible of the training and European project coordinator. She can explain how to complete the application form

General information about the cost of the course:
€ 70 per day/ per person (meeting room rental, equipment, trainers, ticket )
Duration: 6 days

Languages spoken: English / French
Written languages: English, French , Italian

What type of training ?
Structured courses of 6 days. You can ask several courses. These courses combine them and complement each other. The course will be confirmed from 10 participants

Staff Aline Rutily coordinator Jean soulier president

Teachers Trainers
- Jean soulier Formateur TICE
- Alexandra Koszelyk, Chantal Richard Formateurs Lettres classiques
- Alain Quagliarini Formateur Histoire Géographie
- Dominique Watrin, Martine Balout Formateurs Education au Patrimoine
- Sylvie Caillaux, Céline Lecou, Patrick Picollier, Annick Le Caro Formateurs arts visuels
- Élisabeth Crombecque, Nathalie Derout Formateurs Éducation au paysage et au jardin

French schools associed into Erasmus+K1 projects
- École maternelle Saint-Exupéry, Marly-le-Roi
- École élémentaire Zacharie Lafage, Cahors
- Collège Léonard de Vinci, Chatenay-Malabry
- Collège Françoise Dolto, La Jarrie
- Lycée Melchior Barré, Cayenne