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Phytosanitary (plant protection) products operators
Tuesday 17 July 2012
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Phytosanitary products operator and use of them in tropical agriculture

- Sensible use of the phytosanitary products in horticulture
- Knowledge of the different methods for fighting pests (chemical, biological, integrated)
- Knowledge of the toxicity of pesticides and insecticides and their use
- Caution in their employment and knowledge of the regulations in French Polynesia.

- Addressees: operators in the maintenance of parks ad gardens, garden workers, horticulturists
- Time: 16 hours

- General survey on the protection of cultivations, definition of pesticides, modes of action
- Phytosanitary products and their use
- Definition
- Composition
- Presentation
- Classification
- Use of pesticides
- Choice of pesticides
- Reasons for treatment
- Quality of the operation
- Chemical classification of pesticides
- Chemical classification of insecticides
- Inorganic insecticides
- Organic insecticides
- Rejection products

- Toxicity of the products and intoxication
- Factors of toxicity. Intoxication ways
- Acute intoxication
- Chronic intoxication
- Evaluation of dangerousness

- Regulations in French Polynesia
- Regulation literature
- Labelling and symbols of the products
- Caution in the use and first aid
- Individual protection equipment (IPE)

- Preparation of the ingredients an solutions
- Pre-cautions before, during and after the treatment
- Calculation of the quantity: revision on the calculation units and exercises
- Reading the labels
- Calculation of the quantity and precautions
- Domestic use of pesticides and insecticides
- Knowledge of the present insects, social insects and various pests
- Introduction to the biological extermination.

- Alternation of theory and practice on the field
- Work groups to favour cohesion and sharing
- Experiencing real situations with the materials and products actually used today.


Artiste No Tahiti, Papeete – French Polynesia
API Formation Tahiti, Papeete – French Polynesia

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