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Training addressed to the profession of maintenance gardener with API Formation, Polynesia - FR
Tuesday 17 July 2012
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To train maintenance gardeners in French Polynesia.

- Acquisition of the basic knowledge about the profession of maintenance gardener
- Notions on the morphology of plants, shrubs and trees
- Learning the basics about the plants in an ornamental garden
- Identification of the different plants
- Multiplication of the plants (sowing, taking of cuttings, layering and grafting)
- Maintenance of an ornamental garden
- Safety equipment and maintenance of the materials
- Basic phytosanitary knowledge as regards security

- Addressees: parks and gardens maintenance staff, gardeners and horticulturists
- Time: 20 hours

PEDAGOGICAL PROGRAMME 1. Gardening and its exigencies
- The gardener within the business
- Motivation, quality, respect of the timetable and directions, the information feedback, etc.

2. Ecosystem functioning and botanic knowledge
- Characteristics of the plants’ life
- Sexual reproduction (flower link, fruit, seeds)
- Classification of the vegetal species.

3. Knowledge of the plants usually employed in a landscape garden
- What is the appearance of the plant?
- What are its leaves, flowers and fruits like?
- How does the plant react in a specific environment?

4. Growth and maintenance of ornamental plants
- Reproduction: sowing, taking of cuttings, layering and grafting
- How to plant bulbs and rhizomes?
- Planting and transplanting
- Maintenance: trimming, pruning, etc.

5. Plants’ need of water
- The need of watering
- To learn how plants shed water
- To discover the circulation of water in the plants
- Determination of water and nutrients need, necessary to the life of plants.

6. Individual and collective security equipment

7. Garden materials
- Maintenance of the garden tools and materials
- Safety rules about their employment

- Alternation of theory and practice on the field
- Group work to favour cohesion and sharing
- Working on the field in real situations with the materials and the products currently used.


Artiste No Tahiti, Papeete – French Polynesia
API Formation Tahiti, Papeete – French Polynesia

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