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16-25 June 2011 Grundtvig workshop " The colour blue at the crossroads of interculturality and artistic practices "
Monday 30 May 2011
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The learning process is constructed through artistic practices and the intervention of creators and cultural contributors in museums and art centres such as
-  The Maurice Denis museum in Saint-Germain-en-Laye
-  The Orangerie museum in Paris
-  The Georges Pompidou centre

The approach of the colour blue in its intercultural dimension is based on an innovative utilisation of information technologies and Communication as seen in the interactive artwork produced by Aline Rutily Intercultural Carpet Blue

The installation of this "created blue carpet" in the Chateau of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, National Museum of Archeology in La Chapelle Saint-Louis – the first king of Europe to dress in blue in the 12th century, creates a vast space which functions organically over the course of the meetings. It is made of an extraordinary range of thousands of blues formed by the choices and visions of each person, subjective and different according to their country, offering them a multitude of scenes and dazzling images. JPEG

The virtual artwork accompanies the I.C.B and enhances its international dimension, offering an invitation to intercultural dialogue, without limits, without borders . Photos :Bernard Capillon


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