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Life in the Garden:how does a plant feed?
Sunday 21 September 2008
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Comment se nourrit le végétal vert ?

Life in the Garden:how does a plant feed?


The pupils will understand, in order to grow, the chlorophyll plants need minerals (water, ground mineral salts, carbon dioxide) and light energy.


To think up and create experimental growing to underscore the plant nutritive needs.


- plastic pots
- distilled water (without mineral salts)
- water containing mineral salts
- lent or corn beds growing for a week
- light-proof boxes
- cotton
- labels

Plantations {JPEG}


1. Formulate assumptions

From the sentence “To increase their harvest, farmers water their fields and spread fertilizer containing mineral salts.“, formulate and list theories about the green plant nutritive needs.

Examples: they need water, fertilizer, mineral salts, carbon dioxide, light… (Explain fertilizer contains mineral salts).

2. Search experimental devices

On a sheet of rough paper, develop, using the material given out, experimental devices in order to test the different theories found. Examples: make lent or corn seeds grow in different environments, with or without light, with or without water, with or without fertilizer…

3. Experiment and confront the results obtained to the theories


Complete the text using the following words: water, mineral salts, minerals, carbon dioxide, heat

The chlorophyll plants only need … to grow: … and … … drawn from the ground, and … … taken from the air. The green plants need energy as well, supplied by the sun …, essential for their growth.

Plantations {JPEG}

Jean-Michel Josse professeur de Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre, Lycée Français Charlemagne de Pointe Noire, Congo Brazzaville

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