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European Training Course Erasmus+ 2016-2017 Pedagogy of the color blue as an European social fact
Thursday 1 January 2015
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The European Association Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière is organizing a new international training courses Erasmus + :
Pedagogy of the color blue as a European social fact , between literature , arts and sciences

This course follows the European multilateral project Blue Languages in Europe. Creativity and innovation 2009-2011 proposed and coordinated by Aline Rutily for the Association, in partnership with the City of Ravenna in Italy, departmental inspection of Bacau Romania, choreographic and cultural Center Belyaev and Joao de Deus School of Faro, in Portugal.

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Pedagogy of the color blue as a European social fact , between literature , arts and sciences is a course resulting of the multilateral project 86991-CP-1-2000-1. It is coordinated by Aline Rutily, PhD in Arts, University of Paris 1, and visual artist.

- Contribute to the teachers training in the field of art history and science, from a common theme : the blue color
- Build a common European culture, through access to knowledge and mutual respect of cultures, while preserving their diversity and identity.
- Identify tools and practical training approaches, to facilitate the implementation of education of European art history.

The various devices are based on common concepts:
- transversality of learning at the crossroads of science, literature, poetry and visual arts,
- solicitation of imagination, creativity,
- articulation of the languages of color,
- integration of new technologies of communication,
- updating knowledge of the European history of the blue, it develops differently in different places in Europe.

The methodology has a strong focus on a transversal approach , by
- different readings in situ ( literature, painting, sculpture , mosaic, azulejos , photography , gardens, choreography)
- learning tools online (website made by the trainers), in particular the participation of each of the virtual work Transcultural Carpet blue created by Aline Rutily ,
- the articulation of different languages : verbal, visual , literary, scientific ( colors in physic science) ,
- the creative use of the information and communication technology,
- a common base in intercultural education for citizenship and European values , through the common theme of the color blue and its history ,
- the development of European partnerships in the field of education in art history and in cross-disciplinary motivating approaches.

Monitoring training
- Development of educational projects during the course,
- Monitoring these projects,
- using different collaborative tools (website, forum, note-books…).

Contact : aline.rutily

Course 7 Pédagogy of blue colour, as European social fact, between literature, art and science

_The blue talks to us about ancient rites that have contributed, since the Middle-A ges to the european identity through the history of the arts and the cultural rites associated to different european countries: the mosaics of Ravenna in Italy, the frescoes of Giotto at Padova in Italy, the azulejos of Portugal, the dances of the theme of the sea in Faro, the moldavian frescoes of Voronet in Romania, the different blues of the stained glass and illuminated manuscripts in the medieval art of the "île de france", the culture of the pastel in Toulouse, the monochromatic painting of the "bleu Klein" at the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris, to mention only those blues…
Aline Rutily.
See Transcultural Carpet Blue

This course was born from the collaboration of the Association Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière with numerous collaborators, in France, Italy, Portugal. In this course, we build pedagogic tools of the history of the blue colour, as European social fact, through the articulation of language, literature, photography, multi-sensory approachs, and art history. Positioned at the crossroads of humanistic culture, literature and science, the course is a great success for teachers and trainers. Since Paris and Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the blue colour is buildind roads through all the European capitals.

February, 29/March, 5, 2016 and May, 2- 7, 2017, Paris, France
This course takes place at the Centre Pompidou, the Palais de la Découverte, the Musée de l’Orangerie, the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris and Reims Cathedral.
See images of Blue Workshop in France
Read the training Livre d’or

October, 24-29, 2016, Faro, Lisbonne, Portugal
This course takes place at the National Museum of Azulejos, Lisbon. It is organized in partnership with the Choreography Centre Belyaev and Secondary School Jaoa Faro de Deus, Faro, Portugal.
See images of choregraphy and azulejos