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Grundtvig Workshop 2009-1-FR1-GRU13-06789
" Articulate the thematic of the vegetal with the art book :an innovating intercutural experience"
Thursday 15 July 2010
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Grundtvig Workshop 2009-1-FR1-GRU13-06789 "Articulate the thematic of the vegetal with the art book :an innovating intercutural experience " in Versailles FR, 1/07/2010 - 10/07/2010.

- See the exhibition on line of this Grundtvig Workshop

- Consult the participants listing

Articulate the themacic of thevegetal with the art’s book : an innovating an intercultural experience .

10 July 2010, art book’s exhibition on the theme of the vegetal in the Potager Ecole Nationale Supérieure of Versailles.

Under a thematic Grundvig workshop conceived by the association "Paysage et Patrimoine sans frontière", the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage "of Versailles receives 20 adults from 10 countries of the European Union ( Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Slovakia) since the 1st of july.

20 adults confront their cultures and their languages in order to articulate the thematic of the vegetal in their art book. They are invited by the conceivers of the workshop to explore their own sensations, in a trip that leads them from the gardens of Versailles to those of Giverny, while passage through diverse museums and Art centers of Île de France : Musée Maurice Denis, Musée d’Orsay, Musée de l’ Orangerie, Centre Pompidou.

This innovating intercultural experiment gives pride to artistic creation : writing, painting, etching, pastel, drawing, collage…

The 20 "livres d’artistes" are presented by their writers the 10 of July 2010 in the "Salle du Potager de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage of Versailles".

The exhibition on line of the Grundtvig Workshop

This Grundvig Workshop took place from the 1st to the 10th of July 2010 in the prestigious "Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage of Versailles". 20 adults coming from 10 countries of the European Union - Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Slovakia- came together for a singular and creative intercultural experiment : share and enrich their skills and points of view on the cultural field of the vegetal through the creation of a personal book. This theme is illustrated in the european arts and the mythes from the earliest times up to today, where it reflects a new relationship that we have with nature. The artistic creations (books, sculptures, vegetal, herbarium) are developed from the solicitation of all the senses and of a chosen pathway through the collections of the great museums and Centre d’art d’Ile de France.

The learning continues:

- By the artistic practice (photography, collage, herbarium, pastel, etching, cardboard) that does not require primary knowledge,

- through the intervention of creators and the active visits of places of creation (museum, art centers, gardens) giving the opportunity to discovery of artistic approaches of the twentieth century and contemporary,

- with the means to achieve a book as a work of art, and as a record of the experience,

- through approaches based of the innovating use of technologies of the information and communication; herbarium and virtual notebooks creation, to be put online.

See the notebooks : Herbiers virtuels et Inventaire du végétal

The opening of the exposition of the 20 books will take place at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in the Salle du Potager the 10th of July 2010 at 2:00 p.m.

See the exhibition on line of the Grundtvig Workshop

The commentaries of the participants:

Nous sommes très privilégiés. Merci du fond du coeur du haut niveau du cours, de la qualité des formateurs et de l’accueil ! Maria Josepha Lopes Montes ES.

I was very satisfacted by your workshop. It’s was wonderful course, united the spiritual and practical works. It was very attractive, and very important for me, as Latvian. It’s really give me an instrument for future. Ilona Roja Lettonie

Je voudrais bien encore une fois et de tout mon cœur vous remercier de l’organisation du Workshop et de votre travail au cours de deux semaines. Nijolé Vitiene Lituanie.

Thanks a lot for the marvelous experience we have lived in Versailles. Your professionalism and your warmth have been fantastic. We hope to meet again soon Antonella Scibetta and Danièle Bousson Italie.

We want to thank you very much for the great program, exciting events, artistic activities, cultural visits and your patience with all of us. We have unforgettable experiences and memories for all our life !!! Hope to meet you at some other activities or courses. Slavka Pastelakova and Eva Pazinkova Slovaquie.

Thank you very much for all the wonderful things happened in Versailles. You are really special and I appreciate you very much. In fact you, Aline, Nathalie and Marlene will always have a honor place in my heart. I learned a lot from you. And in addition J’adore la France. I am absolutely happy, if I had the opportunity to meet you.Gianina Buruiana Roumanie.

I would never have thought to be able in making so many interesting products. I have been very surprised for my personal results. The new way of observing gardens has captured my sensations and improved my interest towards nature. I have realized there is a more interesting way to interact with art. This experience has been superb. Antonietta Scibetta Italie

We found really magic to relate words, pictures, flowers, perfumes, shapes, lines and colours. We couldn’t forget our full immersion in the gardens and in the colours of the pictures that you proposed. We hope to collaborate with you in the future about this nice subject. Sergio Hribar et Luisa Cheni Italie

We are very glad of the workshop. Now we follow to fill "The Book" with photos to remember all that days. I hope we can meet other times in Italy or somewhere in Europe. Luisa Cheni and Sergio Hribar Italie.

I found the workshop interesting for me from pedagogical point of view. First we gathered impressions during the first two days, and after that we applied our experience into practice. It was us who decided how to fulfill our practical task, using our imagination and inspiration of what we have already seen and felt Petya Dimova Bulgarie.

Participation in the workshop helped me to view the world in a different way and feel me surrounding nature and its beauty. It helped me to find my place and myself in it. I acquired an unique experience to perceive nature in an artistic way. Larisa Golubeva Lettonie.

Cet atelier m’a donné de nouvelles perspectives de travail, pour motiver mes apprenants Antonio Molina Abril Espagne

Cet atelier a été très bien organisé, soit du point de vue du traitement du thème, des méthodologies et des approches pédagogiques, soit du point de vue de l’expérience culturelle qui nous a été proposée. Rosaria Prospero Portugal.

Participation helps me understand many new things. I meet very interesting people. Workshop helps me in my work, because I stay on contact with workshop’s participants and organizers. Vilma Valaine Lettonie.

I really enjoyed this workshop Adina Vladu Roumanie

Je voudrais pouvoir continuer encore cette activité ! Angela Nicoara Roumanie.

Thank you for all your effort and magical workshop Ersan Ilhan Turquie.

For more information, contact Aline Rutily, conceiver of this workshop


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