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Let’us cultivate our garden in Europe
Thursday 9 June 2011
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Every European has the capacity to cultivate his garden as Voltaire meant : to develop, to educate himself and to blossom. Be a part of Europe as of the same garden.

Aline Rutily, designer of this project. Visual artist and researcher at the Center of Visual Art Research University Paris 7.

This web site reinforces the links between countries by constructing a European identity around various common themes related to art history in Europe.
It gives information on the training classes and workshops organized by the project.
It provides documents and teaching resources through teaching indexes, picture galleries, conference reports, web site references, a bibliography and online tools.
It includes virtual exhibits of artists’ and students’ works.
It proposes tools for the young to enlarge their learning skills, create a virtual garden notebook, on line games…

A forum is available to all for any suggestions to improve this site.

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