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Symposium 24-25 june 2011 (next )
Friday 16 September 2011
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Angela Sterpu Inspector Bacau presents the researchs of the colour blue in the Romanian literature, in collaboration with Olga Irimia Vasilica Petronela and Olga Chirciu Professors in Bacau .

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Elena Simionovici and Gabriela Platon, nuns of Voronet, one of the famous monasteries from southern Bukovina present the blues of the frescoes .

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The project Azul of Beliaev Cultural Centre Faro, illustrates both the choreographic project and the research on Portuguese tiles conducted by Rosaria Prospero. She explains the production through stunning images. The Portuguese team is gratefully acknowledged by all the partners.

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Blu, the project of Ravenna is then presented by Ms. Donatella Mazza, Director of Service Policy for the University - Municipality of Ravenna. This is an opportunity to discover the blue mosaics of the Galla Placidia Mausoleum and the famous works that inspired the students of the Fine Arts Academy Ravenna, in particular the frescoes of Giotto in Padova. Nearly 30 student projects of the Fine Arts Academy have been linked to the Languages ​​of the blue project.

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