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April 17, 2011. Saint-Germain-en-Laye. France. Blue Workshops
Monday 18 April 2011
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Within the framework of the closing meeting of the international conference of the Grundtvig project" The languages of the blue " held in Saint-Germain-en-Laye on 24-25 June 2011, courses and workshops were offered to the Association’s members, since March 2011.

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Atelier de plexiglas conduit par Annick Le Caro.

Plexiglas Workshop

Everyone is invited to develop its own palette of blues, and to integrate in this process the oral writing, the notebook, the photography, the installation, the use of light, enriching its repertoire of techniques and new materials.

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Atelier Badge conduit par Mimi Contesse

Badge Workshop

Painting and writing on Plexiglas, mosaic, sticking to create badges to wear at the time of the blue event in June 2011 … Visual arts exhibition " Espace Vera", presentation of the Intercultural Blue Carpet in "La Sainte Chapelle ", the recital of the ballet Azul "Alexandre Dumas Theater ", performance in the "Jardin des Arts".

Mosaic Workshop

Participants and creators were invited to expose their own works.
Consult the participants’ list : Bernard Capillon, Roberte Capillon, Mimi Contesse, Annie Dancette, Jean Soulier, Patrick François, Nathalie Frémaux, Anne Ikhlef, Annick Le Caro, Aline Rutily, Martine Vimeney, Arlette Drapeau, Denis Drapeau, Nathalie Redon, Mustapha Khairani, Claudine Guillemin, Jacqueline Salaün, Laurent Freyssinet, Françoise Frenet-Gastard, Yvette Herbé, Hélène Tallec, Dominique Watrin, Annie Portet, Véronique Laulier, Marie-Claude Le Vaillant, Martine Besnardeau, Claudine Le Doran, Philippe Soulier, Georges Coche, Jean-Pierre Dancette, Michèle Breau…

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Atelier Mosaïque conduit par Martine Vimeney
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Atelier Mosaïque conduit par Martine Vimeney
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